Current Record: 8-3 (0-0 in BE)

Last updated: 12/20/14

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Nov. 1 (Sat.)BUTLER 88, CHICAGO 45   93.1live stats
Nov. 8 (Sat.)BUTLER 98, FRANKLIN 43  1070live stats
Nov. 15 (Sat.)BUTLER 99, MAINE 571-0 (0-0)FS21070live stats/FSGO$
Nov. 18 (Tue.)BUTLER 70, CHATTANOOGA 482-0 (0-0)FS21070/107.5Gametracker/live stats/FSGO$
Nov. 22 (Sat.)BUTLER 80, LOYOLA, MD. 393-0 (0-0)FS21070Gametracker/live stats/FSGO$
Nov. 26 (Wed.)Butler 74, #5 North Carolina 66^4-0 (0-0)ESPN2107.5Gametracker/live stats/WatchESPN$
Nov. 27 (Thu.)Oklahoma 59, Butler 46^4-1 (0-0)ESPN1070Gametracker/live stats/WatchESPN$
Nov. 28 (Fri.)Butler 64, Georgetown 58^5-1 (0-0)ESPN1070Gametracker/live stats/WatchESPN$
Dec. 3 (Wed.)#23 Butler 77, Indiana State 546-1 (0-0)WNDY/WTWO1070/107.5Gametracker/live stats/video$
Dec. 6 (Sat.)#23 BUTLER 65, NORTHWESTERN 567-1 (0-0)FOX1070/107.5Gametracker/live stats/FSGO$
Dec. 8 (Mon.)#15 BUTLER 93, KENNESAW STATE 518-1 (0-0)FS11070Gametracker/live stats/FSGO$
Dec. 14 (Sun.)Tennessee 67, #15 Butler 558-2 (0-0)ESPNU93.1Gametracker/WatchESPN$
Dec. 20 (Sat.)Indiana 82, #23 Butler 73%8-3 (0-0)FS11070/107.5Gametracker/FSGO$
Dec. 22 (Mon.)UT MARTIN7:00 p.m.FS11070/107.5Gametracker/live stats/FSGO$
Dec. 28 (Sun.)BELMONT6:00 p.m.FS193.1live stats/FSGO$
Dec. 31 (Wed.)at Villanova*2:30 p.m.FS11070Gametracker/FSGO$
Jan. 3 (Sat.)at St. John's*4:00 p.m.CBSSN1070/107.5Gametracker
Jan. 6 (Tue.)PROVIDENCE*9:00 p.m.CBSSN1070/107.5live stats
Jan. 10 (Sat.)XAVIER*4:30 p.m.FSN1070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Jan. 13 (Tue.)at Seton Hall*7:00 p.m.FS11070Gametracker/FSGO$
Jan. 17 (Sat.)at Georgetown*5:00 p.m.FS11070/107.5Gametracker/FSGO$
Jan. 21 (Wed.)CREIGHTON*9:00 p.m.FS11070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Jan. 25 (Sun.)SETON HALL*3:00 p.m.FSN1070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Jan. 31 (Sat.)at Marquette*2:00 p.m.FSN1070/107.5Gametracker/FSGO$
Feb. 3 (Tue.)ST. JOHN'S*7:00 p.m.FS11070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Feb. 7 (Sat.)DePAUL*3:30 p.m.FS11070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Feb. 14 (Sat.)VILLANOVA*6:00 p.m.CBSSN1070/107.5live stats
Feb. 16 (Mon.)at Creighton*9:00 p.m.FS11070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Feb. 21 (Sat.)at Xavier*2:00 p.m.FSN1070/107.5Gametracker/FSGO$
Feb. 25 (Wed.)MARQUETTE*8:00 p.m.FS11070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Feb. 28 (Sat.)at DePaul*2:00 p.m.FS21070/107.5Gametracker/FSGO$
Mar. 3 (Tue.)GEORGETOWN*7:00 p.m.FS11070/107.5live stats/FSGO$
Mar. 7 (Sat.)at Providence*12:00 p.m.FSN1070/107.5Gametracker/FSGO$

* = Big East game
$ = subscription required (note: Fox Sports Go video available through select TV providers)
^ = Battle 4 Atlantis, Imperial Arena, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas
% = Crossroads Classic, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN

Rankings are from the Associated Press Top 25 Poll for the week in which the game was played

HOME GAMES are played at Hinkle Fieldhouse

All Radio Broadcasts on WFNI-AM 1070 The Fan except as noted
Broadcast Air Time Is Generally 30 Minutes Prior To Listed Time

WatchESPN/ESPN3 content requires specific TV or Internet providers in order to access content, 
and is subject to blackout restrictions

All Times Listed Are Eastern And Subject To Change

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